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The Pensacola Open is very pleased to be selected by the ITF to host the only "Grade A" Junior sanction in North America for 2012.

Here is a message from the ITF:

From 2012 we are looking to enhance the junior ranking by making certain tournaments throughout the year, over a wide geographical area, more prestigious by awarding higher levels of ranking points. The Pensacola Open is one of the events that has been chosen.

It is hoped that by having one at least NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in each world region hosting a 'Grade A' event this will attract the best players in the zone to participate, encouraging higher quality of play and greater interest in the junior division. We would also wish for enough juniors to travel to the event to be able to hold separate boy's and girl's competitions, although this is not a requirement of the event.

Grade A status Junior events are  given to tournaments making them a more prestigious events within the Junior calendar.   Higher levels of  ranking points awarded at Grade A events than at other events, providing Juniors with the opportunity to gain more points. The Grade A Junior points have been designed to offer a new level of competition between the Masters event and junior events that attract only a local level of player. 

The points that are awarded at Grade A Junior events are the following:


Boys               16                    30        20        13        7          2

                      8                     25        15        10        2        

Girls               8                      30        20        10        2

                                         25        15        2

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